Video shows a basic "Concept" of our “Aero Matrix System”. First view shows ability to store 4-6 times current storage methods by going 8-14 stories high. Video shows building on ONE ACRE ( .41 Hectare ) with 1,968 container storage ability. Typical installation covers 15 to 32 acres ( 6 -13 Hectares ).

In the actual “Aero Matrix System” all carousels can be in motion simultaneously. Animation video is simplified with one traveling elevator per aisle to allow clarity of systems movement. Actual “Aero Matrix System” has up to 20 traveling Robotic elevators per aisle, allowing high volume of multiple truck or train car loading at same time. This supports our systems high speed and capacity. Follow the BLUE container from ship through X-Ray into storage then retrieval for loading onto truck trailer.

Our current patented system has many technical advancements and changes to the mechanical system from this early video rendition of the “Aero Matrix System”.